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Hello! I am Carlo. Nice to meet you. Are you comfortable? Fantastic. Let me introduce myself for a minute. I was born in Rome, raised in Lecce, a small city in the South of Italy, but I have been living in Rome since 2000. In 2009 I participated to an exchange program in the United States – Union City, TN, more specifically – and fell in love with this wonderful country. I graduated in 2010 in the US and in 2011 in Italy. I am currently enrolled as a Business Major in John Cabot University. I love white literature, black music, Japanese videogames and Mediterranean food. That is it! Have a nice day, my fantastic reader!

What is this land America?

“What is this land America? So many travel there” It was an extremely hot July morning. Actually, not just “an”; it was the extremely hot July morning that would have changed my life forever. I was about to leave my … Continue reading

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